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Omega Moulding Canada celebrated their 4th annual Customer Appreciation Event on Sunday July 17th in Toronto
attracting the region’s most talented and creative framers to the event’s Framing Contest.

The basis of the contest was to design and produce a framed product using a standard deck of playing cards.
The attendees voted for their favorite entries. The winners as well as all of the entries are shown below.
We thank the framing community throughout Canada for their enthusiastic participation
in Omega Canada's open house event.

1st Place was earned by
Framing & Art Centre of St. Catherine's
for this beautifully executed depiction
of cards from the Old West.
2nd Place was taken by
Framing & Art Center of Burlington
for their creative use of matboard
and 3 dimensional space.
3rd Place was awarded to
Framing & Art Center of Cambridge
for their take on Origami
using playing cards.