Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account with Omega?

  • Omega Moulding sells to trade only. Please click here to Become A Customer
  • If you are a retail customer, please visit your local frame shop and ask to see the Omega Moulding line

I’m already an Omega customer. How do I register for online access?

How do I order Omega product?

Who is my Sales Rep?

What are Omega’s Truck Delivery Policies?

  • All orders under $100.00 incur a $9.95 delivery charge
  • All local deliveries incur the current fuel surcharge
  • Orders must be called in by 1 pm the day before your delivery day to guarantee delivery the following day. Some exceptions apply in areas with cross-dock shipping; there might be an additional 1-2 day lead time on these routes. Check your delivery day and ordering deadline here
  • If your delivery falls on a holiday, your order will be delivered the same day the following week

Do you have truck delivery in my area and what is my delivery day?

How will my order Ship?

  • F.O.B our warehouse
  • Shipments will be made by manner requested. If specific instructions are not given, we will use our discretion
  • Omega will not be responsible for any additional accessorial fees incurred at the time of delivery such as limited access, inside delivery, redelivery, etc.
  • Freight quotes are approximate until final invoice is generated by freight carrier

Are there weight and size limitations when shipping FedEx?

  • Packages can be up to 165" in COMBINED length and girth but packages over 130 united inches in length and girth will incur additional oversize fees.
  • Packages can be up to 108" in length, but packages over 96 inches in length are subject to an additional fee of $90 per package.
  • Packages can be up to 150 lbs, but packages that exceed 70 lbs, or the longest side exceeds 48 inches, or the second longest side exceeds 30 inches are subject to an additional handling charge of $13.50 per package.
  • Packages that exceed FedEx weight and size limits are subject to additional FedEx charges.

When will my item ship?

  • Orders received by 3pm typically ship the same day however, in some locations requiring cross-docking, an order might take up to 48 hours to ship

What is the Ride-Along Program?

To make buying your Chops and Framing Supply Items a convenient one-stop shopping experience, we have created the following Free Freight Program for you:
  • Supplies accompanying Chop orders of $75 qualify for Free FedEx ground: Your entire order including Framing Supplies will ship free freight when your chop order is valued at $75 or more.Oversized items, mats, glass products, foam board, Kraft paper, cardboard corners and gallons of glue are excluded from the free freight ride along due to their bulk and competitive commodity pricing
  • Ride-Along for Length: The cost difference of adding 10 pounds of Framing Supplies to RIDE-ALONG with a FedEx length order will only increase the cost of the freight between $1.50 and $3.00 depending on your FedEx zone

Are there any other shipping programs I should know about?

  • Orders of 3 or more chops or $100 ship free FedEx ground
  • C.O.D. fee not included. Additional FedEx oversize charges are not included in this program. Omega only pays the FedEx charges for the actual weight of the box

How do I Return an Item?

  • Call customer service 1-800-289-6634 to arrange for a return merchandise authorization (RMA). No returns will be accepted without prior authorization
  • Any merchandise being returned that is not defective or due to our error must be returned freight prepaid by the customer, and will incur a restocking fee of 15% of the item price
  • No returns will be authorized after 30 days from receipt of goods
  • We will not accept returns or credit for the following:
  • Length moulding that has been cut by the customer
  • Moulding that has been altered or defaced with writing, etc.
  • Any moulding that has not been re-wrapped before returning
  • Any chops that have been altered, joined or assembled
  • Any moulding that was purchased as a special order or a closeout

What do I do if I receive a damaged shipment?

  • We are not liable for loss or damage by the carrier. In the event of damage, save the merchandise original packaging so that a proper claim can be filed. Note external carton damage or box shortage on the carrier bill of lading. Call customer service and we will file a claim for you

How do I calculate the price of a frame?

  • length + length + width + width + (width of moulding x 8) = total inches
  • Divide total inches by 12 to get the number of feet
  • Round up to the nearest half foot and multiply by the price per foot
    **min 4' per chop frame
    Example: 16x20 of 1" moulding
    16"+16"+20"+20"+8" = 80"
    80"/12 = 6.7' (which rounds up to 7')

How many feet do I need for my job?

What are thumbnails or wedges?

  • A "thumbnail" or "wedge" is a frame joining insert that will allow you to join a frame without an underpinner
  • Omega will route one, two or three wedges out of the corner of your chop frame depending on the width of the moulding. We will provide thumbnail inserts so all you have to do is apply glue to the mitre and insert the thumbnail to secure the corner

What are inside vs outside dimensions?

  • The inside dimension is the art or mat measurement
  • The outside dimension is the size of the frame from the outermost edges of both the width and height of the piece. Think of it as the amount of wall the finished piece will cover

What is the standard allowance?

  • Standard allowance is 1/8" which means that we will add 1/8" when cutting your frame unless you specify a different allowance or "exact" size
  • If you specify "sight size" we will cut exact
  • If you specify "outside dimensions" we will cut exact
  • Floater frames are cut to exact size ordered
  • Fillets are cut to exact size ordered
  • Canvas allowance is 3/16"

What are typical stick lengths?

  • Typical lengths are 9' although some natural finishes can vary from 7.5' - 12' and the O2 collection is primarily 9.8'
  • Typical bundles are 18' but they can vary from 9' – 40' depending on the width of the moulding

Can I get mats/glass/plexi cut to size?

  • Yes! Just call the office and we will be happy to assist you 1-800-289-6634

Clogged Nozzles

  • Regarding clogged nozzles on spray adhesive cans such as
  • 3M Super 77: We occasionally get calls from customers that their cans of spray adhesive worked only for a short time; there is adhesive left in the can but does not come out when the nozzle is depressed. This is a common issue caused by not cleaning the nozzle after each use
  • 3M directions: After each use, invert the can and depress the nozzle until no adhesive comes out. This will clear the nozzle of the adhesive that will cause any clogging. 3M also recommends removing then cleaning the clogged nozzle with adhesive remover or acetone, or take a nozzle from another can to try on the clogged can
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