Going Big with Petite Profiles: The Bijoux Collection

Picture frame mouldings don’t need to be large to make a big impression, and setting the stage for your artwork can rely on details to create a winning design. Omega’s Bijoux Collection is ideal for small works, pieces with delicate details, and decorative works of art. Handmade in Italy, these items display fine details of artisan finishing. A subtle hammered texture with brush lines soften the luster of the metal leaf. Dry brushed, distressed color is applied on the outside edge to contrast the neutral surface which makes this group unique among metal leaf mouldings and petite profile collections. Bijoux is an attractive framing solution that enhances elements of color within your art as well as illuminating and uplifting your design.

Bijoux provides many more design possibilities pairing well with other mouldings, making for a wide array of customization. The generous rabbet depth (13/16”) allows up to 3/4” tall mouldings to be stacked on top. View the collection

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