Mouldings Spotlight 2020: Omega's Dune

The Dune Collection by Omega Moulding features five mouldings with weathered painted wood grain finishes rendering colors subdued by natural elements. The panel of color is on the profile’s flat top face, with a white back edge and white inside lip that create crisp borders and contrast. The reverse swan sloped lip gives the simple geometric profile a soft line that leads the eye to the artwork adding to the overall light, airy feel of the collection.

Dune is designed for framing pieces that have soft color tints and fine details. This makes the collection well-suited for antique color plate prints, etchings, watercolors, shabby-chic art and decor, photography, and pastel drawings. The 3/4” profile is the perfect scale for artwork that needs a subtle touch of color and a visually lightweight framing solution. View the collection

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